Since many of the issues under LAFCO’s review concern boundary lines and service areas, maps are valuable tools for understanding the setting. The maps of many agencies’ boundaries and spheres of influence are available online.

Santa Cruz (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Scotts Valley (sphere reaffirmed on 3/3/21)
Watsonville (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)

Pajaro Valley (sphere affirmed on 9/2/20)

Road Maintenance CSAs

Road Maintenance & Lighting CSAs
3 Aptos Seascape
9 County Public Works (sphere reaffirmed on 8/5/20)
Zone A Street Lighting
Zone B School Crossing
Zone C Refuse Disposal
Zone D Road Maintenance
Zone E Street Maintenance
Zone F Soquel Village Parking
12 Septic Maintenance
13 Hutchinson Road
15 Huckleberry Woods
16 Robak Drive
17 Empire Acres
18 Whitehouse Canyon
20 Trestle Beach
21 Westdale
22 Kelly Hill
23 Old Ranch Road
24 Pineridge
25 View Point Road
26 Hidden Valley
28 Lomond Terrace
30 Glenwood Acres
32 View Circle
33 Redwood Drive (Aptos)
34 Larsen Road
35 Country Estates
36 Forest Glen
37 Roberts Road
38 Sheriff’s Patrol
39 Reed Street
40 Ralston Way
41 Loma Prieta Drive
42 Sunlit Lane
43 Bonita Encino
44 Sunbeam Woods
46 Pinecrest Drive
47 Braemoor Drive
50 The Vineyard
51 Hopkins Gulch Road
52 Upper Pleasant Valley Road
53 County Mosquito Abatement
54 Summit West Water (Mt. Charlie)
55 Riverdale Park
56 Felton Grove
57 Graham Hill
58 Ridge Drive
59 McGaffigan Mill Road

Countywide Fire Agencies (13 in total as of Oct. 2021) 
Aromas Tri-County (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Ben Lomond (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Boulder Creek (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Branciforte (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Central (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
County Service Area 4 Pajaro Dunes (zero sphere adopted on 10/13/21)
County Service Area 48 County Fire (sphere reduced on 10/13/21)
Felton (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Pajaro Valley (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Scotts Valley (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)
Zayante (sphere reaffirmed on 10/13/21)

Pajaro Valley Health Care District (created through special legislation on 2-4-22; SB 418)

Santa Cruz Port District (sphere reaffirmed on 8/7/19)

No. 2049

RECREATION AND PARK DISTRICTS (single map shows all 4 districts)
Alba (zero sphere adopted on 8/4/21)
Boulder Creek (sphere reaffirmed on 8/4/21)
La Selva Beach (sphere reaffirmed on 8/4/21)
Opal Cliffs (zero sphere adopted on 8/4/21)
County Service Area 11 County Parks

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
*Entire Service Area (Multi-County Map)

*Sphere Boundary Map (sphere reaffirmed on 10/7/20 for Santa Cruz County area only)

Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County (sphere reaffirmed on 10/7/20)

Countywide Sanitation Districts (as of October 2019)
County Service Area 2 Place de Mer (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)
County Service Area 5 Sand Dollar/Canyon del Sol (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)
County Service Area 7 Boulder Creek Country Club (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)
County Service Area 10 Rolling Woods (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)
County Service Area 20 Trestle Beach (zero sphere adopted on 10/2/19)
Bear Creek Estates (zero sphere adopted on 10/2/19)
Davenport (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)

Freedom (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)
Salsipuedes (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)
Santa Cruz County Sanitation (sphere reaffirmed on 10/2/19)

WATER DISTRICTSlompico_large_loch_lomond_ridge_view
Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency
San Lorenzo Valley (sphere amendment on 11/4/20)
Scotts Valley (sphere amendment on 5/3/21)
Soquel Creek

Interactive maps using the County’s Geographic Information System are accessed using
the following links:

This allows the user to search the County mapped data bases. Most LAFCO-related data is accessed by:
—accepting the disclaimer,
—opening the left menu by clicking on the white arrow,
—scrolling down to “Special Districts” for district information or “Jurisdictional, Elections, Census” for city information,
—checking the type of name of district, &
—zooming into the subject property.

The maps and tabular data used on this web site have been compiled from many different sources: therefore, the accuracy of the individual map layers varies significantly, and some layers do not align exactly with others. In the urban areas, the parcel maps are generally accurate within five to ten feet of their true geographic coordinates, but in the rural areas, the maps may be accurate to only within three hundred feet. Due to the limitations of the mapped information, field studies and information from site inspections may be used to supplement or replace mapped information. With these limitations, the County of Santa Cruz and LAFCO disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of the maps and data. This disclaimer is exclusive and in lieu of any warranties, fitness for particular purpose, and/or any other type of warranty, whether expressed or implied.





















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